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Forced Air

When installing a heater in a residential garage we typically are putting in forced air ceiling mount heaters. These units are very versatile and can be installed against a wall or in the corner tucked away up on the ceiling. We can vent them either out the wall with a stainless steel vent kit or through the roof with a b-vent system. A gas line and power feed need to be ran to the heater and we install a wall thermostat to regulate the temperature in the garage/shop. Forced air heaters can fill up an area quite quickly with warm air as long as the doors are closed. Forced air heaters we deal with generally can range from 30k Btu – 200k Btu heat output.


Radiant Infrared

Radiant heaters have a slight advantage over forced air heaters in the sense that they heat the concrete floor in a garage so when you open up the door you still get radiant heat from above and below. Also, radiant heaters tend to have slightly higher efficiency ratings one reason being they are direct vented to outside with the exhaust and combustion air. Radiant heaters can come in various lengths ranging from 10’ – 100’ in length.

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