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Western Heating and Gas Fitting is able to replace your old gas furnace with a new high efficiency unit providing peace of mind and reliability. All furnaces installed in this day and age are of the high efficiency type. When switching over from a low-mid efficiency to high efficiency there is a bit of work involved. Your old furnace vents vertically through the roof through a common stack with your water heater. When we remove the old furnace and vent, we need to dedicate the vertical flue to the water heater and generally run the vents for the new furnace out the wall with plastic System 636 venting. Also, high efficiency furnaces produce a lot of condensate in the vents so we need to run a drain line from the furnace. If you have an ancient furnace it might be a good idea to get it replaced so when our cold winters come you don’t have to worry about having a reliable heat source.

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