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Fireplaces can be grouped into many different categories based on installation and design. For built-in fireplaces they have wood burning and natural gas/propane available. Inserts also have wood burning and gas but can offer pellet fuel as well. This also applies to freestanding stoves.

Built-in Fireplaces

This style of fireplace whether its wood burning or gas always gets framed in within a structure that gets finished typically with either tile, stone or painted drywall. These units can be quite small or can be the largest types of fireplaces available and generally can be installed in many locations making them very versatile. Western Heating and Gas Fitting specializes in removals of existing wood burning or gas fireplaces with installation of new units. Gas units these days are mostly direct vent which means they are a completely sealed system venting the exhaust and bringing in combustion air directly from outside. This allows the fireplace to be much more efficient than the old B-vented units. Venting can be done right out the wall or vertically through the roof. Western Heating and Gas Fitting offers many styles including traditional log style units and contemporary modern linear units. With wood burning fireplaces they must be vented vertically through the roof with either an air cooled or insulated chimney system.


Inserts are a little different scenario than the built-in type. These types of fireplaces can be either wood burning, gas or pellet. Inserts slip inside of existing wood burning fireplace openings. These existing wood burners are either metal zero clearance fire box units or all masonry built. Typically, more inserts can fit into the masonry openings due to its larger height than the metal units have. Venting for gas inserts is done by running 2 x 3” liners up the existing flue to a termination cap on the roof. Again, these are generally direct vent and completely sealed systems. Wood and pellet inserts run a stainless-steel liner up existing flue to a termination cap for the exhaust. Inserts are great for heating an area and also stop cold drafts from coming down the existing flue and drawing warm air out of your house.

Freestanding Stoves

Freestanding units can come as gas, wood burning or pellet. One advantage of this type of fireplace is that it doesn’t require much finishing work. With gas stoves you can install them on most flooring and can be tucked away in the corner or against a wall. Wood and pellet stoves do require a non-combustible hearth pad when installed. Gas and pellet stoves can be vented right out the wall or vertically as a direct vent system. Wood burning stoves do need to be vented vertically through the roof whether they are on the main floor or basement. These freestanding fireplaces come in many different styles including traditional or a contemporary look.

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