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Calgary Garage and Shop Heater Sales and Installation

Do you love working in your garage? Do you often spend a lot of time doing projects in your garage but have to stop when it is cold and winter already? Well, worry no more! All you have to do is call us, Western Heating and Gas fitting, one of the best garage and shop heater sales company. We will help you choose the best heater for your garage and shop that will fit your needs.

It will depend on how big space is. We have to get the measurements of your garage or shop to be able to provide you with the needed heater to make your garage and shop warm again.

Garage heaters are designed to produce a lot of heat in just a short amount of time, whilst making your shops and garages warm even though you just turned on the heater. There are a lot of products which you can choose from. Here are the 3 types of garage heaters to help you decide which heater you would need:

  • Fan Forced Garage Heaters

Fan forced garage heaters basically work like a reversed air conditioner. The fan draws in the cold air and bursts it inside the room when it is warm which makes the room warm faster that other heater. It is also easier to install and operate than that of other heater types.

  • Infrared Garage Heaters

The infrared garage heaters work like the sun. It directs the heat towards the object that is close to it. The unfavourable part is that you can only enjoy the heat it produces if you are near the heater.

  • Fuel Powered Garage Heaters

Fuel powered heaters do not depend on electricity that is why they are more powerful than the other types of heaters. They can heat up a room faster as well. They are also portable but are also dangerous when used in small enclosed spaces.These are more useful when used in a large area or room.

There are a lot of heaters that you can buy and use out there in the market but you have to think of your safety, as well, when you are choosing the heater that you will be using. Safety is always our main priority here at Western Heating and Gas Fitting. We use the top products available in the market to ensure the quality and safety of our work. We are partners with Allied Commercial and Calcana. We stand proud when it come to garage and shop heater sales.

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